It's The Little Things That Matter

Have you ever stopped to consider the importance of a period, or a dot?  A comma instead of a dot will stop your e-mail from its journey through cyber space.  A decimal point in the wrong place can bring financial disaster or cause a gross medication error.  The seemingly insignificant dot is of great importance.

In life, the seemingly insignificant things matter, a touch, a smile, a wink can bring such joy and encouragement to those around us.  Something as simple as pouring a cup of coffee or tea for your loved one or friend in the morning shows that they are loved and valued.

If we broaden our view of life a bit more consider interactions at the grocery store, allowing someone who has an armful of products or one item to go first.  Waiting a moment to allow someone to pull out in front of you on a busy road.  Giving an encouraging word to the person you see having a bad day.  These are the small niceties in life that make the difference.

Often, we believe that we have to do “big” things to make a difference, just remember the lowly period that commands such power.  Yes, it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference.  After all, we are a 365-day dot.

Written by  and used by the permission of : Debra Cox