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Jesus 101 Biblical Institute

is a Christ-centered teaching/training media ministry that exists to introduce people to the real Jesus of the gospel and to equip them to share His love with others .


Melissa Howell author of , "You'll Laugh About This Someday"  

Explore the world of exploding chocolate balloons, fly tape stuck in my hair, and dying car alternator. Walk with me as I face the challenges, battles and transitions of everyday life which often wound the heart and influence relationships within my circle of influence.  See and embrace God's goodness, mercy and grace knowing that even in our weakness when we cannot face one more crisis God is with us and He is our strength.

Doug Bachelor and the amazing facts team have a wonderful website filled with Bible study links, sermons , resource library and much more. 

Enhance your Bible study with the following links:

Blue letter bible is an excellent source for learning what the greek root words are and what they mean as well as side by side Bible verse comparison of different translations and more. 

Bible Gateway has several translations for comparing Bible texts.